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Upchukar Podcast

Jul 19, 2019

Episode 47: Dr. Mark Ditsworth, DVM. 

Dr. Mark is a Veterinarian and the Chukar gem I have referred to in previous episodes. With over 35 years of Chukar hunting experience: You wont find him on social media, you have to go out and find him, or he finds you.

Topics Discussed:

Chukar hunting at 61 years old, What makes you a Chukar hunter, access to public lands, dealing with dogs issues; Fox tails, do stomachs twist?, administering your own puppy vaccines and the myths of the Rattlesnake vaccine, owning two pairs of boots over 20 years, his gear of choice and much, much more.

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Chukar Chasers apparel, Lathrop and Sons boots, Sage & Braker gun cleaning products and Mtn Ops