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Upchukar Podcast

Nov 30, 2018

Episode 28: Pat Wray, Author; A Chukar Hunter's Companion. Pat has constructed a complete how-to book on Chukar Hunting. From the history of the bird in the U.S. to various considerations of physical preparedness, successfully hunting without a dog and the many excuses we tell after a miss shot! Both Pat and the book...

Nov 20, 2018

Episode 27: Rob Jones, Matt Rawlinson and Tenleigh Warren. We embarked on a pheasant hunt in Northern California, but after arriving, realized we had a permitting issue . Never a group to be discouraged, we headed out to two different spots and had a great time chasing Chukar, Valley Quail and even a Snipe. 


Nov 1, 2018

Episode 26: JC Bosch, No Limits Kennels. JC is the owner of No Limits Kennels  based out of Heizer, Kansas.

Topics discussed: Chasing Chukar, How to teach a dog to retrieve, taking a chance on the dream, psychology of dogs and more..

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