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Upchukar Podcast

Dec 18, 2020

Episode 80: Robert Gillingham- Karmik Outdoors

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This week Robert Gillingham, co-founder of Karmik Outdoors, joins the show to share the vision and goal of his company- To reunite sportsman with their lost gear. Karmik Outdoors was designed around...

Dec 5, 2020

Episode 79: Reed and Jordon Tolotti - brothers and creators of the YouTube channel "Reels and Ridges"

If you have siblings, inevitably there is going to be competition. That competition likely changes and evolves as you get older......or does it?

From their teenage years, now stretching into adulthood, the coveted...

Nov 20, 2020

Episode 78: Garhart Stephenson and Jay Beyer

Join me this week from Himalayan Snowcock Camp in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada.

Much of this birds existence and daily routine is shrouded in mystery. Having pursued these birds over the last three years, I found myself peeling back the layers every time. I was fortunate...

Nov 6, 2020

Episode 77: Barratt Gorshe

Even though only a youthful 21 years old, he demonstrates a maturity that clearly places him in high regard by many of his peers in the bird dog world and the Chukar hills.

Barratt lives in Utah and is already an active judge in his local NSTRA- National Shoot to Retrieve Association- chapter,...

Oct 16, 2020

Episode 76:

Im joined by Matt Hardinge this week. We discuss our opening weekend of Nevada Chukar hunting and do a "First Look" at the new Garmin Alpha 200i handheld. 

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