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Upchukar Podcast

Jun 28, 2019

Episode 45: Garhart Gerald Stephenson, Writer, joins the show to di=scuss his 2018 solo Himalayan Snowcock hunt in Nevada's  Ruby Mountains.

Topics Discussed:

First experiences into Upland Hunting, getting Chukar fever, my bird dog is a Border Collie, so you want to be a writer?, the Upland diversity in Wyoming, No...

Jun 21, 2019

Episode 44: Dr. Carolyn Dolan, DPT joins the show to discuss the ever present issue of managing pain and inflammation- which is all too familiar for us Chukar hunters!

Topics Discussed:

What do we really know about how the body deals with inflammation, how do NSAIDS impact the healing process, Injury recovery stages,...

Jun 7, 2019

Episode 43: Fred Bohm, adventurer, hunter, writer, photographer and owner of Sage & Braker joins the podcast this week.

Topics Discussed:

Early-late season Dusky Grouse hunting strategies, behaviors of Dusky Grouse, Hunting year-round, Chukar hunting in Colorado, backpacking for Chukar, the value of checking your maps,...