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Upchukar Podcast

Oct 13, 2021

Episode 92: Brant Didden. 

Whether its climbing the highest peaks in the world (Mt. Everest and K2), guiding climbers up the face of El Cap, diving for lobsters or rallying the "Country Clubmobile" in Mexico, Brant Didden lives by the mantra- "Do Cool Stuff".

Brant grew up hunting quail in Northern Mexico with his Dad...

Jul 23, 2021

Episode 91: Joe Carson, the New Zealand Chukar Hunter.

I'm back! After two months off, its great to be back in the podcast booth (aka the guestroom closet). I wanted to bring a great episode to you, and this one hits the mark.

Joe Carson lives and hunts Chukar on the South Island of New Zealand. Like many places, Chukar...

May 21, 2021

Episode 90: Nate Akey

You want some solid advice from someone who made the transition from hunting those midwest birds, then moved to the big West and tried their hand at Chukar hunting?- Get you ass on a stair climber!

Nate Akey relocated to Oregon and has since become immersed in the world of Chukar hunting and...

May 2, 2021

Episode 89: Eric Thompson- Hardwired Outdoors

I return to Oregon this week to sit down with Eric Thompson, co-creator of Hardwired Outdoors. Through Hardwired Outdoors, Eric and his friends hope to introduce the outdoors and wild places to new hunters in a positive way. Learn more about here

Eric is...

Apr 16, 2021

Episode 88: Dominic Bachman- Biologist and owner of Bachman Bay Kennels.

Chukar live in a few states in the West. Have you ever wondered what makes each state unique, or the slight variants in habitat? Biologist and avid Chukar hunter Dominic Bachman helps shed some light and hopefully makes planning that next...